Content Syndication By Real People Will Make You and Your Business Famous! But How Do You Make That Happen?

Content syndication by 500+ real people will make you famous.  Just get 500 people to spread the word! How do you get people to do that for you?

The New SEO – Word Of Mouth SYNND-icationsynnd it!

Online or off, you have to get your business in front of the right people.  To accomplish that in an extremely powerful way, meaning tons and tons of exposure to millions of people, you have to spread the word on the internet.

And your best internet friend to help you spread the word is none other than  your best friend Google!


Hi Google! Here I Am!

Word of mouth advertising is the best marketing you can have.  Always has  been.  It’s word of mouth syndication when the right people (your target market) search Google for what you have to offer and find you!  For that kind of syndication to occur, you need waaay higher search engine visibility than you get with technical SEO.  You gotta have link love, right?

Real people have to link to your articles and your posts from highly recognized sites like facebook, flickr, RSS, stumbleupon, and hundreds of other sites that are SOCIAL in nature.

This makes perfect sense because Google and other search engines will be more than happy to spread the word if they can see with robot spiders that real people like your work.

So if enough real people bookmark your articles and syndicate them with RSS or Digg or many other syndication sites, you will without question wind up on page one of Google for all to see and click on when searching for your keywords and keyword phrases.

You need multiple search engine listings for target keywords/phrases.

You need exposure!

You need “Social Buzz” at Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, and so many other social media websites I could mention that will provide the kind of word of mouth marketing you need for exposure.

Technical SEO vs. Social SEO

Yes, technical backlinks to your website help but it is the increase in natural backlinks to your website or blog that equals powerful exposure.

To get that kind of exposure means people, real people, are syndicating your work.

Content Syndication

The spread of your content through syndication across multiple channels will most definitely increase your search engine rankings.  Why?  Because Google and other search engines pay attention to any increase in social voting.

When I share your content with others, that’s what I mean by a social vote.   Social voting and a natural increase of inbound links to your content is like a double whamy – it is SEO 1.0 which is technical,  plus SEO 2.0 which is social.  That adds up to powerful content syndication.

Content Syndication Services

What if a whole lot of people agreed to provide content syndication services for you and you agreed to provide content syndication services for them…  that would be a very powerful thing to do.  The only thing wrong with this idea is how much time it would take to constantly bookmark articles for each other, write comments on each others blogs,  send Tweets about each other’s web content…  you get the idea.

Well, that’s where Synnd comes in.  It’s automated content syndication services that you agree to use for me and I agree to use for you.

The software does it as if you are doing it.  It is the most amazing thing.  Here’s a video – it’s brief but you have to see this in action.

It’s what goes on in the background of my desk top.  I took it out of hiding to video tape for you.  You can do that any time you want to watch it work.

Go here now, turn the sound down and just watch what  synnd does, hands free, 24/7, giving me more time to grow my business.  Social media marketing is great but I don’t want to have to spend all day doing it to get my message out there.  Now I don’t have to, not with my new virtual assistant called synnd!  Here’s the video.  (Mute the sound or it will be distracting)

Watch!  This Is “Hands Free” Web Content Syndication !


One thought on “Content Syndication By Real People Will Make You and Your Business Famous! But How Do You Make That Happen?

  1. I am really impressed with this blog Terri and your focus on Synnd. I too have found it to be an amazing system and love “outsourcing my marketing”! As for beach money..all I can say is that great minds think alike!

    Peace and Abundance,

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