Generate Leads And Sales As An Affliliate Marketer With Social Media Science PART ONE

BOO! Happy Friday the 13th!  I’m writing today as I begin a series on affiliate marketing.  I will be very specific about how I generate leads AND SALES as an affiliate marketer.  I’ll also be very specific about how you can generate leads for your business as an affiliate marketer, specifically with Social Media Science, but I’m warning you now… it might get a l i t t l e   s c a r y!

In this series, I’ll show you how I generate leads in just a few simple steps.

But first let synndme show you my last two weeks of statistics as an affiliate marketer with Social Media Science.  Actually, these are my stats for the last 13 days…  Since today is Friday the 13th, the screen shot below might look a little Boo! Scary!

Statistics in school scared me too, once upon a time.  But your stats as an affiliate marketer are extremely important so don’t be scared 🙂

You might be quite familiar with tracking your marketing efforts but if not and if this screen shot below does look a little scary with so many columns, etc.  please do NOT shy away from learning how to set this up.  I’ll help you.

The tracking tool inside Social Media Science in the affiliate marketing back office is amazing.  And it is worth a ton.  It’s a golden tool that Charles Heflin and his team have put together so that as an affiliate marketer, you can track what’s working in your marketing efforts and what’s not.

generate leads

Looking at the first column, the codes for specific landing pages are listed.  For example, here’s what 01 looks like, using my affiliate link…

social media science

I have used the keyword phrase, Social Media Science, as the “anchor text” for my hyperlink above and linked it to the 01 landing page (a sales letter) that you also have if you are an affiliate marketer with Social Media Science.

If you’re not, then below, you can sign up.  It’s free.

This next link is it – the affiliate sign up page.  It is the landing page for becoming an affiliate marketer with Social Media Science.  Go ahead and click on the hyperlink below so that you can see that landing page and fill out the form if you haven’t already.

Become An Affiliate Marketer With Social Media Science

So, in the screen shot above, we can take all the raw data from my last 13 days of marketing and analyze it.

And of course we don’t ever stop therepdsa2.

The next step after looking at results and trying to figure out what’s going on is to then do something different.

Doing something different over the next two weeks will either give me better results or worse, but at least I’ll know what’s working and what’s not.

The idea is NOT to make a huge change.  Just some little change that will hopefully lead to a small incremental improvement.  If I make tons of changes, I won’t know what made the difference.

It’s what some researchers call the PDSA cycle.  Here’s how it works…


Looking at the link tracking stats above,  I have 3 links out there in cyberspace that are coded with  o1 – meaning the 01 landing page was used in my marketing.  I had to plan that – which landing pages to use and where to put them.

You can see that the first 01 landing page, does not have a code.  It says no ad under ‘redirect’ which means, for one thing, I didn’t plan well.  I have no idea where that lead capture page is because I didn’t assign a tracking code to it.  Poor planning.


But the second one coded o1 is an example of much better planning because I did set it up for tracking.  Good example of “DO” in the PDSA cycle and good example of actually having a PLAN.

I labeled the tracking link “anyemail”stats and use that link inside emails to take the reader to the 01 landing page.

Stay with me. Tracking isn’t scary. Really.

It’s actually fun.  Because I now know that 9 people clicked on the link (9 Hits) See the figure to the right, 4th row down.  And I know they are people on my list.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that no one opted in – they didn’t fill out the form.    See the big fat zero under Opt-Ins for the code (redirect) 01 inside “anyemail.”


As I study the results of the last 13 days, I see that I got the most hits from my blog, this one, tracking code ‘wpsynndit’ and I got the most sales here too. (orders and subscriptions)  Also, you can see that some landing pages here at my blog do a whole lot better than others.

See how landing pages 01 and 02 had more traffic (Hits) than the others.  Plus that’s also where I generated 2 of my 5 leads (opt ins) – right here at my blog.  The other 3 leads came from a different blog, a squidoo lens and who knows where I got the other one because I didn’t track it.  (no ad)


So, now after a little study it’s time to ACT on my findings – this post is a part of my action plan.  Notice the cycle?  It never ends.  It’s the way you generate more and more leads by having a PLAN before you DO anything in your marketing, then  STUDY the results, then ACT on those findings, according to you guessed it, another action PLAN.

Be sure to come back soon.  I’ll be writing specifically on HOW this is all done in PART TWO of How To Generate Leads And Sales As An Affiliate Marketer With Social Media Science.


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