New Synnd Facebook Page

Synnd now has a new Facebook page and I am encouraging all of you to “LIKE” it as soon as you can.  I’m quite sure that because of synnd’s popularity, it will rapidly become a high traffic FB page.  Why not get in on the conversation early adding your own synnd experience to the mix.

In the image above, you can see how quick I received a response.  That’s impressive.  If you already have a Facebook Page, are you getting much traffic to it?

I like what Jennifer Fong has to say about getting traffic to your facebook page.  It’s the same advice we’ve learned to follow using synnd.  Here’s Fong’s advice…

“Once you set up your Facebook Page, your next big job is to get people to come and Like your Page. How do you do that?

Here are some tips:

1. Write great, engaging content. The more interesting and engaging your content is, the more people will interact with it. The more they interact with it, the more likely it is to show up in the News Feed. The more it shows up, the more likely others will see that their friends Like your Page.

2. Add a Welcome tab. People are 47% more likely to Like a Page if it has a Welcome Tab. An effective Welcome tab tells people what the Page is about, and the benefits of Liking the Page. It also encourages people to hit the Like button. You can get a free Welcome tab at Pagemodo.

3. Occasionally tag your Page from your Profile, inviting folks who are interested in learning more about the topic you are sharing about to come and Like your Page. This lets your current friend list know you have a Page without beating them over the head with business spam. (To tag your Page, simply type the @ sign, and then begin typing the name of your Page. Once your Page pops up, select it. It will become a clickable link in your status update.)

4. Invite every customer you work with to Like your Page. This is the group you’re most interested in reaching. Let them know the benefits of liking your Page.

5. Ask your current fans to share your Page with their friends if they find your Page valuable. Do this through occasional status updates on your Page such as, “If you find the content on this Page valuable, won’t you tell your friends about this Page? Just share this link in your status update: (Fill in your Facebook URL here.) Thank you!”

6. Once you get 25 folks who Like your Page, add your Facebook Page URL to your business cards. Point it out to everyone you give your card to, and invite them to come check out your Page.

7. Comment on other Pages as your Page to drive interest in your Page.

8. Use the “Suggest to Friends” link on your Page. (Warning, this only works occasionally.)

9. Swap Likes with other Page owners. To begin the momentum, form a collective. Get a group together who will all “Like” each others’ Pages. This will help you get to your 25, so you can get a custom Facebook URL.

10. Find opportunities to share your Page on other Pages, when invited. For example, I will occasionally invite people to share their Page links on my Facebook Page. I know other Pages do this as well. Look for these opportunities, and take advantage. (But don’t share your Page if you haven’t been invited. That’s spam.)”Reference:


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