“Synnd Lite” Webinar!! For A Limited Time Only…

Watch this webinar!  It is not about conjecture. It is social media science.  Research results for driving traffic, getting viral exposure, optins and second generation SEO – which is NOT technical.  It’s social!

If you’re not already signed up…

Register here –>> Synnd Lite

What are social signals?  Why are social signals important?  Learn about the powerful influence of social signals on:

  • SEO
  • Visitors
  •  Subscribers
  • Sales
  • Repeat Customers

You already know about the MEGA SHIFT that search engines have made in looking at Social Signals as a MAJOR ranking factor.

Danny Sullivan asked Google,   “If an article is re-tweeted or referenced much in Twitter, do you count that as a signal…??”   Google said  “Yes, we do use it as a signal. It is used as a signal in our organic and news rankings.”

So thanks to all of you who are in the synnd network!!   I appreciate all the retweets that you give me on auto-pilot 🙂

Here’s the webinar link again.  Register now –>>Synnd Lite

Synnd Lite


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