Using Synnd As A Twitter Launch?

Why follow anyone’s business on Twitter??  Why ask for followers for your business?  There are many, MANY reasons but for this post, the best reason is for content syndication.  When enough real people re-tweet one of your articles, blog posts, videos it’s like a badge of social proof IF the count is visible.

The number of re-tweets on the blog post above was launched by the software called “Synnd.”  After that, it became human nature for other readers to click the green tweet button – up to 197!  Here’s how it works…

When you join, you become a member of a content syndication network.  The software is downloaded to your computer and syndication begins based on credits.  If I want 14 retweets of a blog post, or 23 views of a YouTube video, or 67 Diggs, then I submit a campaign for each and the software on synnd members desktops goes to work for me.  It’s really that simple.

Synnd Syndication

Synnd syndication is automated but looks natural because each bookmark, tweet, view etc. comes from a different computer.  The synnd community is global.  So even the location of all of the content syndication I receive is from computers all over the world.

Here’s how it works… Watch this video as Dan Gronsbell explains our synnd system.


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