How Does Synnd Software Work?

If no one sees your latest blog post, does it really exist?

It’s so discouraging to work really hard on your website day after day and not ever see your blog posts on page one of Google.  Web content visibility isn’t an easy goal to achieve.

Terri Stallcop

Terri Stallcop

Now-a-days you need to launch your web content with tweets, likes, bookmarks, etc. to receive search engine attention.  And that “social proof” can’t come from just your computer.  What works for me is a launching system of social signals coming from 1000s of computers.  Let me explain…

I ‘m part of a group of 1000s of people who useSynnd software created by Social Media Science. It’s a product I recommend for online marketers who want social media buzz and social media search engine optimization on their blog, videos, articles and just about any web content you are trying to promote.

For example, if your blog is not “optimized” for the search engines with social signals indicating that  real people like it, re-tweet it, etc. then Google and other search engines will be less likely to rank the content very high.

For more internet traffic to your web content, social media marketing is becoming extremely important and can be outsourced to those of us who are part of the synnd network.  When 1000s of us are syndicating your web content usisocial_signalsng our automated synnd software, you are receiving very powerful social media optimization.

Social media optimization (SMO) is really the second generation of search engine optimization.(SEO)

Think of first generation SEO as SEO 1.0 – technical SEO.  Second generation – SEO 2.0 – is social.

If your web content doesn’t have any Facebook likes, re-tweets, comments, etc. then you probably won’t get page one visibility on Google, even if you have excellent technical SEO.

Content Syndication Network

Synnd has been around for quite a while and has a social network of 1000’s of business professionals who syndicate each others web content.

I have been a member of the Synnd  network for a few years so you can add your questions below in the comment section and I will quickly get back to you.

Let me hear from you by adding your thoughts i2011-03-20_0741n the comment section below!


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