How Does Synnd Software Work?

If no one sees your latest blog post, does it really exist?

It’s so discouraging to work really hard on your website day after day and not ever see your blog posts on page one of Google.  Web content visibility isn’t an easy goal to achieve.

Terri Stallcop

Terri Stallcop

Now-a-days you need to launch your web content with tweets, likes, bookmarks, etc. to receive search engine attention.  And that “social proof” can’t come from just your computer.  What works for me is a launching system of social signals coming from 1000s of computers.  Let me explain…

I ‘m part of a group of 1000s of people who useSynnd software created by Social Media Science. It’s a product I recommend for online marketers who want social media buzz and social media search engine optimization on their blog, videos, articles and just about any web content you are trying to promote.

For example, if your blog is not “optimized” for the search engines with social signals indicating that  real people like it, re-tweet it, etc. then Google and other search engines will be less likely to rank the content very high.

For more internet traffic to your web content, social media marketing is becoming extremely important and can be outsourced to those of us who are part of the synnd network.  When 1000s of us are syndicating your web content usisocial_signalsng our automated synnd software, you are receiving very powerful social media optimization.

Social media optimization (SMO) is really the second generation of search engine optimization.(SEO)

Think of first generation SEO as SEO 1.0 – technical SEO.  Second generation – SEO 2.0 – is social.

If your web content doesn’t have any Facebook likes, re-tweets, comments, etc. then you probably won’t get page one visibility on Google, even if you have excellent technical SEO.

Content Syndication Network

Synnd has been around for quite a while and has a social network of 1000’s of business professionals who syndicate each others web content.

I have been a member of the Synnd  network for a few years so you can add your questions below in the comment section and I will quickly get back to you.

Let me hear from you by adding your thoughts i2011-03-20_0741n the comment section below!


Using Synnd As A Twitter Launch?

Why follow anyone’s business on Twitter??  Why ask for followers for your business?  There are many, MANY reasons but for this post, the best reason is for content syndication.  When enough real people re-tweet one of your articles, blog posts, videos it’s like a badge of social proof IF the count is visible.

The number of re-tweets on the blog post above was launched by the software called “Synnd.”  After that, it became human nature for other readers to click the green tweet button – up to 197!  Here’s how it works…

When you join, you become a member of a content syndication network.  The software is downloaded to your computer and syndication begins based on credits.  If I want 14 retweets of a blog post, or 23 views of a YouTube video, or 67 Diggs, then I submit a campaign for each and the software on synnd members desktops goes to work for me.  It’s really that simple.

Synnd Syndication

Synnd syndication is automated but looks natural because each bookmark, tweet, view etc. comes from a different computer.  The synnd community is global.  So even the location of all of the content syndication I receive is from computers all over the world.

Here’s how it works… Watch this video as Dan Gronsbell explains our synnd system.

Synnd Blog Commenting Feature Is Up And Running

Synnd software created by Social Media science, now has the ability to engage a content syndication network of people, real people, to comment on your blog posts.  What I’ve noticed is that recently, the comments I receive through this network are quality.

Each comment offers insightful content to my blog and I think the improved content in comments I’m getting has gotten Google’s attention.

All of us want to increase the number of blog comments.  We want interaction with our subscribers.  We want feedback.  When using synnd’s blog commenting feature for just 5 to 10 comments, it actually puts out the welcome mat for our readers to add their comments.

Synnd’s comment feature can prime the pump, so-to-speak.  If you have a few comments on your post soon after it’s published, it’s an incredibly powerful stimulus for other readers to add their comments as well.

Note the social signals I have on the blog post I referenced on Google page one above.  The image below of that recent blog post already has

  1. 11 comments
  2. 18 facebook likes
  3. 6 tweets

Almost all of those are from the content syndication network of 1000’s of people who use Synnd.  (Click the image below to see this blog post’s social signals in real time)

So what do you think?  Do you agree that getting a jump-start with social signals from Synnd software is a good idea?  Do you have any concerns about it?  Leave your comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

“Synnd Lite” Webinar!! For A Limited Time Only…

Watch this webinar!  It is not about conjecture. It is social media science.  Research results for driving traffic, getting viral exposure, optins and second generation SEO – which is NOT technical.  It’s social!

If you’re not already signed up…

Register here –>> Synnd Lite

What are social signals?  Why are social signals important?  Learn about the powerful influence of social signals on:

  • SEO
  • Visitors
  •  Subscribers
  • Sales
  • Repeat Customers

You already know about the MEGA SHIFT that search engines have made in looking at Social Signals as a MAJOR ranking factor.

Danny Sullivan asked Google,   “If an article is re-tweeted or referenced much in Twitter, do you count that as a signal…??”   Google said  “Yes, we do use it as a signal. It is used as a signal in our organic and news rankings.”

So thanks to all of you who are in the synnd network!!   I appreciate all the retweets that you give me on auto-pilot 🙂

Here’s the webinar link again.  Register now –>>Synnd Lite

Synnd Lite

My Synnd Strategy: Syndication, Syndication, Syndication

“If a blog is never read, does it really exist?”  You can be a great writer online, create stunning videos, design super graphics, and yet never be seen by anyone surfing the internet.

If no one syndicates your work, it might as well be invisible.

So what exactly is syndication and what’s the strategy behind using software like synnd?

Web Content Syndication

See the screenshot on the left?  That’s my article on page one for the google search term “web content syndication.”  How many choices did Google have when they put my blog on page one today?  About 6,220,000 websites and yet I’m on page one.  Why?  Well, I’m not really sure.

What I do understand is that Google’s desire is to give people what they’re searching for.  Since Google’s technology put my article high up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) it means they want their customers to find me.

Why?  Because that article has been syndicated – promoted – by a LOT of real people.  That’s the very best proof you can have to convince search engines to put you on page one for your targeted keywords.  It’s social proof.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If enough real people syndicate your web content, search engines will deliver your work to their searchers for free.  Once upon a time, you could trick the search engines and syndicate your own work.  But now technology has advanced enough to not fall for that any more.

The best strategy now is to belong to a network of people who agree to promote each other’s web content by making making comments on your blog, by bookmarking your websites, by subscribing to your RSS feed, etc.  If enough people will do that for you, it’s the best search engine optimization (SEO) you can get.  That’s my strategy.  I belong to a content syndication network.  We all use synnd to syndicate each other’s web content and wind up pretty often on page one.

New Synnd Facebook Page

Synnd now has a new Facebook page and I am encouraging all of you to “LIKE” it as soon as you can.  I’m quite sure that because of synnd’s popularity, it will rapidly become a high traffic FB page.  Why not get in on the conversation early adding your own synnd experience to the mix.

In the image above, you can see how quick I received a response.  That’s impressive.  If you already have a Facebook Page, are you getting much traffic to it?

I like what Jennifer Fong has to say about getting traffic to your facebook page.  It’s the same advice we’ve learned to follow using synnd.  Here’s Fong’s advice…

“Once you set up your Facebook Page, your next big job is to get people to come and Like your Page. How do you do that?

Here are some tips:

1. Write great, engaging content. The more interesting and engaging your content is, the more people will interact with it. The more they interact with it, the more likely it is to show up in the News Feed. The more it shows up, the more likely others will see that their friends Like your Page.

2. Add a Welcome tab. People are 47% more likely to Like a Page if it has a Welcome Tab. An effective Welcome tab tells people what the Page is about, and the benefits of Liking the Page. It also encourages people to hit the Like button. You can get a free Welcome tab at Pagemodo.

3. Occasionally tag your Page from your Profile, inviting folks who are interested in learning more about the topic you are sharing about to come and Like your Page. This lets your current friend list know you have a Page without beating them over the head with business spam. (To tag your Page, simply type the @ sign, and then begin typing the name of your Page. Once your Page pops up, select it. It will become a clickable link in your status update.)

4. Invite every customer you work with to Like your Page. This is the group you’re most interested in reaching. Let them know the benefits of liking your Page.

5. Ask your current fans to share your Page with their friends if they find your Page valuable. Do this through occasional status updates on your Page such as, “If you find the content on this Page valuable, won’t you tell your friends about this Page? Just share this link in your status update: (Fill in your Facebook URL here.) Thank you!”

6. Once you get 25 folks who Like your Page, add your Facebook Page URL to your business cards. Point it out to everyone you give your card to, and invite them to come check out your Page.

7. Comment on other Pages as your Page to drive interest in your Page.

8. Use the “Suggest to Friends” link on your Page. (Warning, this only works occasionally.)

9. Swap Likes with other Page owners. To begin the momentum, form a collective. Get a group together who will all “Like” each others’ Pages. This will help you get to your 25, so you can get a custom Facebook URL.

10. Find opportunities to share your Page on other Pages, when invited. For example, I will occasionally invite people to share their Page links on my Facebook Page. I know other Pages do this as well. Look for these opportunities, and take advantage. (But don’t share your Page if you haven’t been invited. That’s spam.)”Reference:

Synnd Benefits – Social Media Buzz

The benefits of Synnd™  are best explained by calling synnd benefits massive social media buzz about your business.  Yes, it takes a bit of writing but if you’re a blogger, that’s what we like to do.  Trying to create social buzz on twitter, facebook, Digg, and tons of other sites about my blogs I don’t enjoy.  So I put almost all of that  on auto-pilot with synnd.

I don’t have to crack the social media code on my own in order to get highly targeted traffic to a blog post that then in turn connects to my sales funnel and lead capture pages.  The creators of Synnd cracked the code so that I don’t have to.  If you have heard about synnd but aren’t sure the benefits are what you’re looking for, take time to review them here in a nutshell:

  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Higher visibility – because there are almost 1000 of us using synnd now, that means that 14,000+ references to EACH piece of your content is sent throughout the social web on auto-pilot.  That’s a ton of social buzz for every one of your videos, every blog post, every article, etc.
  • Soooo, you get higher exposure in the social networks to rise above the noise
  • If your web content is good, synnd initiates the viral spread of content by injecting it in the most popular social networks.

And most importantly, the benefits of social buzz created by synnd gives me more time to spend on growing my business instead of working endlessly to market it.  In other words, you outsource the social media marketing to us, those of us who use synnd.  It’s the power having partners to do content syndication of your work.  I don’t do the work of marketing for you but the software that I have on my computer called synnd does, along with 100’s of other people who have synnd on their computers.

It’s quite phenomenal, really.  I know it sounds like hype but it’s truly that good.  It’s great, actually! Click either banner. Watch the video and get more info sooner than later.