How Does Synnd Software Work?

If no one sees your latest blog post, does it really exist?

It’s so discouraging to work really hard on your website day after day and not ever see your blog posts on page one of Google.  Web content visibility isn’t an easy goal to achieve.

Terri Stallcop

Terri Stallcop

Now-a-days you need to launch your web content with tweets, likes, bookmarks, etc. to receive search engine attention.  And that “social proof” can’t come from just your computer.  What works for me is a launching system of social signals coming from 1000s of computers.  Let me explain…

I ‘m part of a group of 1000s of people who useSynnd software created by Social Media Science. It’s a product I recommend for online marketers who want social media buzz and social media search engine optimization on their blog, videos, articles and just about any web content you are trying to promote.

For example, if your blog is not “optimized” for the search engines with social signals indicating that  real people like it, re-tweet it, etc. then Google and other search engines will be less likely to rank the content very high.

For more internet traffic to your web content, social media marketing is becoming extremely important and can be outsourced to those of us who are part of the synnd network.  When 1000s of us are syndicating your web content usisocial_signalsng our automated synnd software, you are receiving very powerful social media optimization.

Social media optimization (SMO) is really the second generation of search engine optimization.(SEO)

Think of first generation SEO as SEO 1.0 – technical SEO.  Second generation – SEO 2.0 – is social.

If your web content doesn’t have any Facebook likes, re-tweets, comments, etc. then you probably won’t get page one visibility on Google, even if you have excellent technical SEO.

Content Syndication Network

Synnd has been around for quite a while and has a social network of 1000’s of business professionals who syndicate each others web content.

I have been a member of the Synnd  network for a few years so you can add your questions below in the comment section and I will quickly get back to you.

Let me hear from you by adding your thoughts i2011-03-20_0741n the comment section below!


Using Synnd As A Twitter Launch?

Why follow anyone’s business on Twitter??  Why ask for followers for your business?  There are many, MANY reasons but for this post, the best reason is for content syndication.  When enough real people re-tweet one of your articles, blog posts, videos it’s like a badge of social proof IF the count is visible.

The number of re-tweets on the blog post above was launched by the software called “Synnd.”  After that, it became human nature for other readers to click the green tweet button – up to 197!  Here’s how it works…

When you join, you become a member of a content syndication network.  The software is downloaded to your computer and syndication begins based on credits.  If I want 14 retweets of a blog post, or 23 views of a YouTube video, or 67 Diggs, then I submit a campaign for each and the software on synnd members desktops goes to work for me.  It’s really that simple.

Synnd Syndication

Synnd syndication is automated but looks natural because each bookmark, tweet, view etc. comes from a different computer.  The synnd community is global.  So even the location of all of the content syndication I receive is from computers all over the world.

Here’s how it works… Watch this video as Dan Gronsbell explains our synnd system.

My Synnd Strategy: Syndication, Syndication, Syndication

“If a blog is never read, does it really exist?”  You can be a great writer online, create stunning videos, design super graphics, and yet never be seen by anyone surfing the internet.

If no one syndicates your work, it might as well be invisible.

So what exactly is syndication and what’s the strategy behind using software like synnd?

Web Content Syndication

See the screenshot on the left?  That’s my article on page one for the google search term “web content syndication.”  How many choices did Google have when they put my blog on page one today?  About 6,220,000 websites and yet I’m on page one.  Why?  Well, I’m not really sure.

What I do understand is that Google’s desire is to give people what they’re searching for.  Since Google’s technology put my article high up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) it means they want their customers to find me.

Why?  Because that article has been syndicated – promoted – by a LOT of real people.  That’s the very best proof you can have to convince search engines to put you on page one for your targeted keywords.  It’s social proof.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If enough real people syndicate your web content, search engines will deliver your work to their searchers for free.  Once upon a time, you could trick the search engines and syndicate your own work.  But now technology has advanced enough to not fall for that any more.

The best strategy now is to belong to a network of people who agree to promote each other’s web content by making making comments on your blog, by bookmarking your websites, by subscribing to your RSS feed, etc.  If enough people will do that for you, it’s the best search engine optimization (SEO) you can get.  That’s my strategy.  I belong to a content syndication network.  We all use synnd to syndicate each other’s web content and wind up pretty often on page one.

Content Syndication Services For Video Marketing Just Got A Whole Lot More Powerful

Content syndication services with synnd software is fast becoming the most savvy internet marketing strategy out there.  And now, Social Media Science is building a content syndication service for video marketing that will not only syndicate your videos but also promises social proof with views and comments.

You can pay for the services or you can join the private membership at Social Media Science and use synnd for free, outsourcing all of your social media marketing campaigns to the synnd software that’s downloaded to the desktops of more that 800 Social Media Science members.

Video Marketing

Visibility and rankings for your videos with all the search engines will be extremely easy to obtain because the synnd software will not only syndicate your videos but also vote, adding views and comments.

If you are already a synnd user, here’s my advice…  start learning how to do state of the art video marketing now.  Here’s an example of how cool your videos could be…

Content Syndication By Real People Will Make You and Your Business Famous! But How Do You Make That Happen?

Content syndication by 500+ real people will make you famous.  Just get 500 people to spread the word! How do you get people to do that for you?

The New SEO – Word Of Mouth SYNND-icationsynnd it!

Online or off, you have to get your business in front of the right people.  To accomplish that in an extremely powerful way, meaning tons and tons of exposure to millions of people, you have to spread the word on the internet.

And your best internet friend to help you spread the word is none other than  your best friend Google!


Hi Google! Here I Am!

Word of mouth advertising is the best marketing you can have.  Always has  been.  It’s word of mouth syndication when the right people (your target market) search Google for what you have to offer and find you!  For that kind of syndication to occur, you need waaay higher search engine visibility than you get with technical SEO.  You gotta have link love, right?

Real people have to link to your articles and your posts from highly recognized sites like facebook, flickr, RSS, stumbleupon, and hundreds of other sites that are SOCIAL in nature.

This makes perfect sense because Google and other search engines will be more than happy to spread the word if they can see with robot spiders that real people like your work.

So if enough real people bookmark your articles and syndicate them with RSS or Digg or many other syndication sites, you will without question wind up on page one of Google for all to see and click on when searching for your keywords and keyword phrases.

You need multiple search engine listings for target keywords/phrases.

You need exposure!

You need “Social Buzz” at Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, and so many other social media websites I could mention that will provide the kind of word of mouth marketing you need for exposure.

Technical SEO vs. Social SEO

Yes, technical backlinks to your website help but it is the increase in natural backlinks to your website or blog that equals powerful exposure.

To get that kind of exposure means people, real people, are syndicating your work.

Content Syndication

The spread of your content through syndication across multiple channels will most definitely increase your search engine rankings.  Why?  Because Google and other search engines pay attention to any increase in social voting.

When I share your content with others, that’s what I mean by a social vote.   Social voting and a natural increase of inbound links to your content is like a double whamy – it is SEO 1.0 which is technical,  plus SEO 2.0 which is social.  That adds up to powerful content syndication.

Content Syndication Services

What if a whole lot of people agreed to provide content syndication services for you and you agreed to provide content syndication services for them…  that would be a very powerful thing to do.  The only thing wrong with this idea is how much time it would take to constantly bookmark articles for each other, write comments on each others blogs,  send Tweets about each other’s web content…  you get the idea.

Well, that’s where Synnd comes in.  It’s automated content syndication services that you agree to use for me and I agree to use for you.

The software does it as if you are doing it.  It is the most amazing thing.  Here’s a video – it’s brief but you have to see this in action.

It’s what goes on in the background of my desk top.  I took it out of hiding to video tape for you.  You can do that any time you want to watch it work.

Go here now, turn the sound down and just watch what  synnd does, hands free, 24/7, giving me more time to grow my business.  Social media marketing is great but I don’t want to have to spend all day doing it to get my message out there.  Now I don’t have to, not with my new virtual assistant called synnd!  Here’s the video.  (Mute the sound or it will be distracting)

Watch!  This Is “Hands Free” Web Content Syndication !