Synnd Blog Commenting Feature Is Up And Running

Synnd software created by Social Media science, now has the ability to engage a content syndication network of people, real people, to comment on your blog posts.  What I’ve noticed is that recently, the comments I receive through this network are quality.

Each comment offers insightful content to my blog and I think the improved content in comments I’m getting has gotten Google’s attention.

All of us want to increase the number of blog comments.  We want interaction with our subscribers.  We want feedback.  When using synnd’s blog commenting feature for just 5 to 10 comments, it actually puts out the welcome mat for our readers to add their comments.

Synnd’s comment feature can prime the pump, so-to-speak.  If you have a few comments on your post soon after it’s published, it’s an incredibly powerful stimulus for other readers to add their comments as well.

Note the social signals I have on the blog post I referenced on Google page one above.  The image below of that recent blog post already has

  1. 11 comments
  2. 18 facebook likes
  3. 6 tweets

Almost all of those are from the content syndication network of 1000’s of people who use Synnd.  (Click the image below to see this blog post’s social signals in real time)

So what do you think?  Do you agree that getting a jump-start with social signals from Synnd software is a good idea?  Do you have any concerns about it?  Leave your comments below – I’d love to hear from you!


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Watch this webinar!  It is not about conjecture. It is social media science.  Research results for driving traffic, getting viral exposure, optins and second generation SEO – which is NOT technical.  It’s social!

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What are social signals?  Why are social signals important?  Learn about the powerful influence of social signals on:

  • SEO
  • Visitors
  •  Subscribers
  • Sales
  • Repeat Customers

You already know about the MEGA SHIFT that search engines have made in looking at Social Signals as a MAJOR ranking factor.

Danny Sullivan asked Google,   “If an article is re-tweeted or referenced much in Twitter, do you count that as a signal…??”   Google said  “Yes, we do use it as a signal. It is used as a signal in our organic and news rankings.”

So thanks to all of you who are in the synnd network!!   I appreciate all the retweets that you give me on auto-pilot 🙂

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Synnd Lite

Synnd Benefits – Social Media Buzz

The benefits of Synnd™  are best explained by calling synnd benefits massive social media buzz about your business.  Yes, it takes a bit of writing but if you’re a blogger, that’s what we like to do.  Trying to create social buzz on twitter, facebook, Digg, and tons of other sites about my blogs I don’t enjoy.  So I put almost all of that  on auto-pilot with synnd.

I don’t have to crack the social media code on my own in order to get highly targeted traffic to a blog post that then in turn connects to my sales funnel and lead capture pages.  The creators of Synnd cracked the code so that I don’t have to.  If you have heard about synnd but aren’t sure the benefits are what you’re looking for, take time to review them here in a nutshell:

  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Higher visibility – because there are almost 1000 of us using synnd now, that means that 14,000+ references to EACH piece of your content is sent throughout the social web on auto-pilot.  That’s a ton of social buzz for every one of your videos, every blog post, every article, etc.
  • Soooo, you get higher exposure in the social networks to rise above the noise
  • If your web content is good, synnd initiates the viral spread of content by injecting it in the most popular social networks.

And most importantly, the benefits of social buzz created by synnd gives me more time to spend on growing my business instead of working endlessly to market it.  In other words, you outsource the social media marketing to us, those of us who use synnd.  It’s the power having partners to do content syndication of your work.  I don’t do the work of marketing for you but the software that I have on my computer called synnd does, along with 100’s of other people who have synnd on their computers.

It’s quite phenomenal, really.  I know it sounds like hype but it’s truly that good.  It’s great, actually! Click either banner. Watch the video and get more info sooner than later.

Social Media Marketing Is Worthless Unless You Get Traffic And Sales

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is actually a waste of time if it doesn’t create traffic, leads and sales for your business.  Understanding how social media works is a science in itself.  To be successful as a social media marketer requires social media science research.  If that’s not what you do as a living, why not outsource your social media marketing like I do.

The reason it’s well worth the money to outsource my marketing is because it pays off in time and money.  I’d rather be creating web content that generates leads and sales than to be working really hard inside Twitter, Facebook and Digg as an amateur trying to do social media marketing.

Watch this 2 minute video that explains why I am outsourcing almost all of my social media marketing…

Social Media Marketing With Synnd!

Social media marketing with the software called synnd has changed social media marketing forever but only a few hundred of us know about it.

If you have just recently filled out a form to receive a special report called “Syndication Revelation,” then let me encourage you to really read it.

Here are some important things to note in this phenomenal social media science discovery:

  • There really is such a thing as a Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine and you can build it
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved from technical  tricks (SEO 1.0) to social buzz (SEO 2.0) in just a few short months.

In other words, what used to get Google’s attention to bring traffic to your website rarely works any more without social proof that real people like what you have to offer.  And that takes tons of time, your time, until now.

Social media marketing is a lot of work.  It actually takes people away from their business to do their own marketing.  But it has to be done.  Consider outsourcing it.

The software called synnd allows you to build a Perpetual Internet Traffic Machine (PITM) that will is getting more and more powerful.  We have proof.  Tons of case studies and we’re just getting started!

Syndication Revelation Report

Read the bullets on the bottom of page 2 in your report, Syndication Revelation – here’s the first one…

  • How to drive targeted traffic to any offer, website or blog without doing any of the things that normal Internet marketers do

Now listen in as Charles Heflin explains in the first of your free lessons on the PITM:

Here’s How To Join The Private Membership And Begin

Social Media Marketing With Synnd

Synnd It!

Synnd Is Software for Social Media Marketing!

Social Media Marketing is actually all about your marketing presence on main-line sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more specialty sites like BetterNetworker for MLM types.

The new search engine optimization (SEO) phenomenonal discovery that many  call  SEO 2.0 is, as of now, the best way to get noticed by none other than Google.  And the very best way to implement this new phenomenon almost hands free is with the new software called “synnd.”


Step One Toward Making Money Online With Synnd

Get the free report and study the entire unbelievable free value of social media secrets inside… Here’s my copy…   free.

Syndication Revelation – The Full Report


Never before has it been this easy to just be yourself and msynnd it!ake money online. A common phrase coined by Mike Dillard is “YOU Inc.” meaning the unique personality and value you bring to the market place is the very best way to “win friends and influence people” and as a byproduct, make money from just being you!

So here I am, telling you all about this HUGE discovery… Here’s me being me…

This blog will tell you all about the little known software called synnd from my perspective.  I happen to think the inventor of synnd is a Generous Genius.  That’s what I call him.  His name is Charles Heflin.  Heflin’s discovery, (he calls it the Syndication Revelation)  makes it possible for me to just concentrate on business.  Thanks to synnd, ALL I have to do now is what I love to do.

What I LOVE to do is make money online!   Synnd helps me do exactly that with  a lot less work.  The following video is from the early days of synnd when we were in alpha testing…  So cool then and even way more cool now.

Kick back with me and a cup of coffee and study all about Synnd

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