animatedpaperboyLet’s talk about how content syndication works to grow your business online.  Web content syndication is every bit as exciting and even more so than yesteryear when 14 year old kids across America were yelling, “Extra!  Extra! Read all about it!  Breaking story – rural America reporter uncovers the truth about…!”

Can you imagine how exciting it was then to be picked up in syndication all across America from your tiny article in the local rural newspaper!  Instant fame and fortune.

Well, guess what?  It is even easier to get picked up into syndication leading to fame and fortune now if you know the few simple but secret steps that lead to getting ranked on the front page of Google.

World-Wide Content Syndication In 2 Easy Steps!

Talk about having a widely read column, we are talking about a world-wide widely read daily post here, right here, at my blog!!

Did you know that every time you write an article or blog post, you have a chance at world wide web content syndication?  WOW!  And it can happen almost instantly.

Here’s one easy way to make it happen… (using synnd of course)

Step One:  Write An Article or a Blog Post About Your Breaking News Story

Let’s say you have just discovered a new way to advertise like I just did.  I just found out how easy it is to advertise on Facebook.

So I wrote an article about it.  In fact, it is a post I wrote right here on this blog just a few days ago called Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Ads.

So you write the article or post.

Now, how do you get internet traffic to it?  How do you achieve content syndication?  Most internet marketers know by now that they will need to twitter about it, go on facebook with it, and get a bunch of people to Digg it, etc.

Lots of bookmarking and writing comments, etc. because now a days, search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t enough, right?  Social media marketing is required too.

Well, with synnd, I outsource that.

Step TwoSynnd It!

As a member of Charles Heflin’s private SEO 20/20 membership at Social Media Science, I get to use the software called synnd.

So what did I do with my post about Facebook advertising?  I went to the synnd site,  and created a an entire social media marketing  campaign in about 15 minutes.

Did that get the word out?  Was my content syndicated across the world wide web.  Absolutely.  Did Google notice?  Absolutely!

You might say, well 39 votes aren’t that many.  But that is deliberate.  Inside the campaign, I set the synnd software to be more natural with votes, meaning our community of over 600 people are not going to all vote in one day.  That wouldn’t be wise.  So over the course of weeks, a few people in the community will get the word out, using synnd.  How’s it going so far?

On Page One Of Google In Two Days!!

Don’t wait too long to start using synnd.  Right now only a few hundred of us are learning to Synnd It!  But before long, our fast moves to page one of Google will be getting everyone’s attention.  It is just too great of a secret not to share.

synnd_webinarWatch the synnd demo in this webinar >>(click here)


12 thoughts on “Syndication

  1. Hi Terri,

    Isn’t SYNND great! I’ve only been using SYNND for 3 weeks and have been trying to figure out the best way exploit the system to my advantage.

    I think that a lot of people get the wrong idea and think SYNND is going to produce sales quickly. SYNND is first and foremost about SEO and link building. The sales will come later as your content is found highly in the SERP for your specific keyword.

    The thing is SYNND gets it done and FAST. Before I started I wanted to be able to test the results so I took a screen shot of my Alexa ranking. At the time my blog was ranked a little over 3 million ( which is decent). Within 1 week my overall 3 month average went to around 2 million but the 7 day average was 700,000.

    I’ve never had my site under the 1 million mark ever. Also the in pointing links went from 2 to 22.

    This was just for week one. Once I got it into my head what the sole purpose of SYNND is and gained more control over my campaigns (staying within my means) I started to see the real benefit. I was waiting to see if because of SYNND my content was:

    1. Getting found by other search engines and social networks.

    2. If campaigns that I had paused or kept the buzz count to a manageable number were still popular.

    By week 3 both of these started to show up in my stats. As a matter of fact, the first piece of content that I ran through SYNND which has been paused for 2 weeks now is my second most popular visited page.

    The lesson here is give SYNND a chance to work its magic.

    • Hi James,

      Congrats on excellent results. What is so awesome is that you understand exactly how to use synnd AND how to track and report your findings.

      When the handful of us who are using synnd really start to understand the “social media science” of it like you do, you are so right… that’s exactly when the “magic” happens.

      Synnd launches our web content so fast! Then, if your content is truly valuable to your target market, you have a huge head start toward growing your business faster and easier.

      Synnd builds the buzz, we build the business 🙂

      Thanks so much for your excellent comments!

  2. Hi terri.
    Thanks for so much education on syndication and the wonderful tool called synnd. I can’t wait to be a member and start seeing the tremendous results synnd members are experiencing.
    Can’t wait to get a copy of your soon to be released book too.

    Thanks once again!

    • Hi Akan!

      Good to hear from you again! Synnd is exactly what you called it – an excellent tool. A tool that is really sort of a power boost for people who are serious about providing valuable content to their target market.

      It’s the best social buzz building tool I’ve ever seen! I think it’s the best buzz building tool search engines have ever seen too 🙂

      Thanks so much for you comments!

  3. Hi Terri,

    I am really looking forward to the time-saving element that Synnd can offer. Thanks for being willing to walk me through. And Thanks also for your kindness and patience with me, a newbie! I appreciate it more than you know.

    You’re Great!

    • Hi Ellen,

      Thanks so much for the kind words. Synnd is a God-synnd 🙂 for me because of exactly what you mentioned – it leverages our time. I now outsource almost all of my social media marketing to synnd.

      I put up another entire website yesterday. I’ll syndicate each post with synnd in just minutes knowing that if it’s good content, Google with notice the social buzz synnd creates and give me a spot on page one with my keywords. That’s leverage!

      Looking forward to working together!

  4. Hi Terri

    I’ve been looking for a real user to ask a couple of Synnd questions and keep coming across this page so I hope you don’t mind?

    I launched my first website in Jan, a comparison site for phone and broadband. It’s going well but I’ve come across Synnd – I like the look of it and the reviews are excellent but as a relative newbie I’m naturally skeptical of anything that looks ‘too good to be true’.

    My main concern is how the practice is viewed by Google. I understand (I think) how it ‘mimics’ real users and how users can ‘keep it natural’ but has there been any negative press coming out of Google?

    On the same theme – presumably you need accounts set up in the various social media before signing up to Synnd? If so, presumably it’s smarter to create them NOT in your company name but in, say, the name of your partner to keep a distance from the site their actions will promote?

    On reading the reviews they nearly all seem to be from bloggers – my site is very commercial, although I pride myself on generating informative, unbiased guides and content. Is it more difficult to make it work for a site like mine?

    Finally, and this is a bit random, but what happens when you go on holiday? As a one man band the requirement of having your PC connected 8 til 10 isn’t going to be feasible all the time.

    Apologies if these are too basic but I would be eternally grateful if somebody could help with a few pointers….

    • Hi David,
      All very good questions… Here’s the answers, sort of…:) Google and other search engines respond very well to synnd activity because every “promotion” whether it’s a facebook “LIKE” or a vote on DIGG or a bookmark on Reddit or a retweet on Twitter… etc. – no matter what it is, each syndication comes from 1500+ separate computers. Add to that, NONE of your content will be syndicated from your computer through synnd. That’s another great feature that keeps all of the syndication of your work looking very “natural.”

      As for setting up various social media accounts before signing up to synnd, don’t do it.

      Synnd will do it for you, using many different usernames, etc. unless you just want to set up your own. I used a few of my own but most of the MANY, MANY accounts used by my synnd software were not created by me.

      Synnd quality control will approve promotional content for bookmarking sites, and for Twitter and Facebook but not for voting sites like DIGG. People who have websites for selling things like washers and dryers have done very well with synnd because even though sites like DIGG won’t work, bookmarking sites do. So does “synnd-ing” facebook likes and and twitter tweets.

      While you’re away on holiday, it might be a problem not having your PC connected 8 til 10. Although, I’ve done it they are recently cracking down on that because if too many people leave it off, syndication slows down and users get upset about that.

      Anyway, I hope that helps. I’ll send this to you in an email too – hope that’s okay. Thanks so much for your very informed questions. And thanks for visiting my blog – come back often!

  5. Hi Terri,
    I wonder if you can help, do you have any online resources available for step by step setting up of campaigns within synnd. I purchased synnd pro a few days ago and I am still struggling with getting campaigns set up. Do not know if any other users have found the training modules a little lacking in exact step by step details. I do not doubt that the programme has tons of quality to offer from a user perspective but am a little overwhelmed at present.


  6. Nice blog here! Also your website loads up fast! What web host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link in your host? I desire my web site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

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