Marketing Has Changed…

The Internet Marketing Business Model

Why do so many internet marketers make such BIG money?  How does Google make BIG money?  Why is the internet exploding?  What’s the big deal about being online?

The big internet marketing secret is syndication – getting the word out!  The business model for marketing any business now-a-days means having a strong online presence at least locally.  It’s pretty clear that internet marketing is essential and yet so many businesses, big and small, can’t seem to get the word out effectively with internet marketing any more.  What’s changed?  Marketing changed.  For the first time in decades, basic principles of marketing have changed because of social media.

Best Marketing Strategy?  Social Media Buzz

Without a ton of experience, it is now possible to generate social media buzz about your business all over the internet.  But still, business owners often under-estimate the power of social media.

If enough real people “socialize” about the value of your business on facebook and twitter, the value of what you have to offer goes up exponentially because you are essentially marketing BETWEEN people instead of just TO people.

Search Engine Syndication

A lot of internet marketers are sort of upset with Google lately.  It’s harder to rank for certain keywords now using the old methods of technical SEO.  But still, there are new company websites that are being created everyday that are getting indexed and are ranking #1 for certain keywords.  What do they know that older websites don’t?  Social media marketing.

Right now, social proof is your best bet for search engine attention, meaning social media syndication.  If your web content is shared in social media sites, it’s social proof to search engines that they should be putting your content higher up in their search engine results pages. (SERPs)

Internet marketing has never been easier because of how simple is it to add social media marketing to the mix!


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