Synnd Blog Commenting Feature Is Up And Running

Synnd software created by Social Media science, now has the ability to engage a content syndication network of people, real people, to comment on your blog posts.  What I’ve noticed is that recently, the comments I receive through this network are quality.

Each comment offers insightful content to my blog and I think the improved content in comments I’m getting has gotten Google’s attention.

All of us want to increase the number of blog comments.  We want interaction with our subscribers.  We want feedback.  When using synnd’s blog commenting feature for just 5 to 10 comments, it actually puts out the welcome mat for our readers to add their comments.

Synnd’s comment feature can prime the pump, so-to-speak.  If you have a few comments on your post soon after it’s published, it’s an incredibly powerful stimulus for other readers to add their comments as well.

Note the social signals I have on the blog post I referenced on Google page one above.  The image below of that recent blog post already has

  1. 11 comments
  2. 18 facebook likes
  3. 6 tweets

Almost all of those are from the content syndication network of 1000’s of people who use Synnd.  (Click the image below to see this blog post’s social signals in real time)

So what do you think?  Do you agree that getting a jump-start with social signals from Synnd software is a good idea?  Do you have any concerns about it?  Leave your comments below – I’d love to hear from you!


Reading, Writing and Web-metic

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing was once considered just a fad not too long ago by marketing professionals all over the world.  Now, if corporations do not have a Facebook page and Twitter account, it’s the exception, not the rule.

In my super market recently the recurring announcement overhead wasn’t the chicken breasts now on sale for the low price of whatever.  No – the repeated announcement was various coupons I could get by visiting Reaser’s Facebook page.

Reading, Writing and Web-metic

So what will be “routinesocial media marketing of next year?  I would bet that by the summer of 2011, best practice will be totally different than now.

And it’s way too mind boggling to think of what social media marketing will be like in 2015.  What will the kids who are 10 now know about the web when they are 15?  In 5 years, will pre-school be teaching reading, writing and web-metic?

Social Media Marketing Is Now Called Social Buzz For Short

If your company or your business on the web does not have enough “social buzz” to give you clout with the search engines, then you are behind.  It means you need to ramp up social media marketing to the extent that real people bookmark your content, they make comments on your blog and they link to your website from theirs.  That’s social buzz and what it does is speak louder to search engines than technical SEO – way louder.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Or SEO 2.0 (Second Generation SEO)

In other words, with enough social buzz going on about your business, your web content becomes an authority site in Google’s eyes faster because of social media optimization.