Synnd Benefits – Social Media Buzz

The benefits of Synnd™  are best explained by calling synnd benefits massive social media buzz about your business.  Yes, it takes a bit of writing but if you’re a blogger, that’s what we like to do.  Trying to create social buzz on twitter, facebook, Digg, and tons of other sites about my blogs I don’t enjoy.  So I put almost all of that  on auto-pilot with synnd.

I don’t have to crack the social media code on my own in order to get highly targeted traffic to a blog post that then in turn connects to my sales funnel and lead capture pages.  The creators of Synnd cracked the code so that I don’t have to.  If you have heard about synnd but aren’t sure the benefits are what you’re looking for, take time to review them here in a nutshell:

  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Higher visibility – because there are almost 1000 of us using synnd now, that means that 14,000+ references to EACH piece of your content is sent throughout the social web on auto-pilot.  That’s a ton of social buzz for every one of your videos, every blog post, every article, etc.
  • Soooo, you get higher exposure in the social networks to rise above the noise
  • If your web content is good, synnd initiates the viral spread of content by injecting it in the most popular social networks.

And most importantly, the benefits of social buzz created by synnd gives me more time to spend on growing my business instead of working endlessly to market it.  In other words, you outsource the social media marketing to us, those of us who use synnd.  It’s the power having partners to do content syndication of your work.  I don’t do the work of marketing for you but the software that I have on my computer called synnd does, along with 100’s of other people who have synnd on their computers.

It’s quite phenomenal, really.  I know it sounds like hype but it’s truly that good.  It’s great, actually! Click either banner. Watch the video and get more info sooner than later.