Synnd It!

Synnd Is Software for Social Media Marketing!

Social Media Marketing is actually all about your marketing presence on main-line sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more specialty sites like BetterNetworker for MLM types.

The new search engine optimization (SEO) phenomenonal discovery that many  call  SEO 2.0 is, as of now, the best way to get noticed by none other than Google.  And the very best way to implement this new phenomenon almost hands free is with the new software called “synnd.”


Step One Toward Making Money Online With Synnd

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Syndication Revelation – The Full Report


Never before has it been this easy to just be yourself and msynnd it!ake money online. A common phrase coined by Mike Dillard is “YOU Inc.” meaning the unique personality and value you bring to the market place is the very best way to “win friends and influence people” and as a byproduct, make money from just being you!

So here I am, telling you all about this HUGE discovery… Here’s me being me…

This blog will tell you all about the little known software called synnd from my perspective.  I happen to think the inventor of synnd is a Generous Genius.  That’s what I call him.  His name is Charles Heflin.  Heflin’s discovery, (he calls it the Syndication Revelation)  makes it possible for me to just concentrate on business.  Thanks to synnd, ALL I have to do now is what I love to do.

What I LOVE to do is make money online!   Synnd helps me do exactly that with  a lot less work.  The following video is from the early days of synnd when we were in alpha testing…  So cool then and even way more cool now.

Kick back with me and a cup of coffee and study all about Synnd

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